saRah (malibuncoke) wrote,


My brothers girlfriend is controlling his life. Its so annoying as there is nothing we can do! She is a silly little 17 year old who keeps telling him he cant get no better then her, no-one will ever love him like she does etc.. She beats him up (last week he had stab wounds from a PEN all over his body). My mum wont let her round the house but while we are all at work (my brother and her dont work) she comes round. She threw her make up all over the walls and in the carpet last week (who does that???!) She had made my brother change his mobile number so no-one has it but her, made him delete his facebook etc.. He wont even talk to me & my mum now (we think she has told him not too) We just dont know what to do anymore cuz you can see it in his face hes not happy??
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