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x [01 Nov 2009|01:17pm]
Im doing Ann Summers parties again, need the money after blowing my savings on my boobs! Really want to move out this year so need to stop spending my money and start saving!!
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x [07 Oct 2009|03:52pm]
I am so suprised at how I feel.. I really thought I would be in absolute agony after the op and would regret it! Im not going to lie, I am in pain, but its bearable. I can get up and make myself a drink etc.. which I didnt think I would be able to do 2 days after the op! I really was worrying over nothing!! I cant wait til next Tuesday though when the tape comes off! I am liking the size at the moment, just hope they dont shrink too much after the swelling goes down! x
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x [05 Oct 2009|05:12pm]
I'm all done! Can't believe its all over.. I feel fine, suprisingly but I know tomorrow I will be in immense amount of pain! They dont look that big as I thought they would, but my mum thinks they look huge! (She would!)
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x [04 Oct 2009|02:20pm]
This time tomorrow it will all be over with. Nervous does not even begin to describe how I am feeling at the mo!!
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x [18 Jul 2009|07:13pm]
Would you say 25 is a big birthday? Ant is 25 in December and i wanna take him to New York as a suprise for a few days (i would also benefit from this present hehe).. Anyone been before and can recommend things?? x
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x [30 Jun 2009|10:51pm]
I have just booked Global Gathering ahhh its going to be SO good!!!
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x [12 May 2009|01:40pm]
I am in the worst mood ever.. I really want to loose a stone for my holiday in 4 weeks, I have lost half only another half to go.. I weighed myself this morning and i have put on 3lb!! I dont understand I have been eating about 500 calories a day.. GRR....

P.S Please no jokes about I only update when I am going on holiday! lol x
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x [02 Apr 2009|05:51pm]
Ask me one question for each of the following catergories:
1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Drugs
5. Love
6. Livejournal

Be as nosey as you like :)
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x [01 Mar 2009|10:29am]
My brothers girlfriend is controlling his life. Its so annoying as there is nothing we can do! She is a silly little 17 year old who keeps telling him he cant get no better then her, no-one will ever love him like she does etc.. She beats him up (last week he had stab wounds from a PEN all over his body). My mum wont let her round the house but while we are all at work (my brother and her dont work) she comes round. She threw her make up all over the walls and in the carpet last week (who does that???!) She had made my brother change his mobile number so no-one has it but her, made him delete his facebook etc.. He wont even talk to me & my mum now (we think she has told him not too) We just dont know what to do anymore cuz you can see it in his face hes not happy??
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x [02 Feb 2009|08:10am]
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x [06 Jan 2009|07:19pm]
Our company made everyone take a 10% paycut today, as we have been hit by this bloody credit crunch. :-(
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x [07 Nov 2008|06:47pm]
I had my hair highlited last night but its gone ORANGE GINGER and looks A MESS can anyone give me any quick fix solutions?? Will dying my whole hair dark brown be an option???x
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x [10 Sep 2008|10:10pm]
I need ideas people. I want to take Antony away for his birthday (needs to make up for the lee evans tickets i got him last year which i have only just found out where from a fake site... NICE) for the weekend. I want somewhere in this country, and it will be begining of December

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x [17 Jul 2008|05:52pm]
I am getting quite depressed at my financial situation. I am living way beyond my means and I cant stop it.. Am putting stuff on ebay as we speak. My wardrobe is bursting with clothes, i literally cant fit anymore in (have started chucking new stuff on my sofa in my room) yet I go out & buy something new practically every day. I actually need help!!! I try leaving my credit card & debit card at home, but I just end up online shopping or something in the evening! If anyone has any advise please comment!! :-(
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x [26 Jun 2008|07:44pm]
RIP Max Cunningham. I actually cried, how sad am i?!
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x [28 Mar 2008|12:20pm]
I am bored shitless!! Been off work this week with a stupid cold!! Need some enteratining.. Post some good websites or something please anyone!!

I started my diet last week, have lost 4lbs already just by cutting out crap! Will get myself down the gym when I am feeling a bit better for some cardio. Want to get down to 9 stone ideally, i dont wanna go any lower then that!

Not got much planned this weekend, going down the pub tonight and then I have a Ann Summers party to do Saturday. Next week I have parties Thurs, Fri and Sat.. bye bye weekend!! But really could do with the money, I only got paid today yet after paying out bills I am nearly skint already. Fun...
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x [27 Feb 2008|09:55pm]
Anyone in South London area want to book a Ann Summers party? I need some more bookings girls!! xx
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x [12 Feb 2008|07:04pm]
Off to meet Rachel & Nicola for drinks, pictures and bar food <3
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x [10 Feb 2008|07:50pm]
Im going back to Cancun 31st May for 11 nights :-)
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x [05 Feb 2008|08:54pm]
CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FORUM MEET UP IN MARCH :-) Havent seen you girls for so long xxx
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